Invitation to Learn About Long Term Care Planning – Part 1

Like financial literacy, LTC planning should be taught in school. Invitation to Learn-Part 1

and  discuss long term care
Maria Shriver and Rob Lowe

Long term care insurance is not so easy for consumers to get anymore. Fewer carriers offer plans and more rigid hea…

Motley Fool article discusses The Unexpected Costs of Long Term Care

Partnership-eligible Long Term Care Policies preserve assets when benefits are used up.

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A Long-Term Care Policy More Than Insurance

Adult children can be held liable for their parents long term care. Read white paper

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The 5 Biggest Retirement Planning Mistakes You Can Avoid

For aging baby boomers, long-term care and home health care are huge concerns

WSJ reports that Hybrid Long Term Care policies are being snapped up

ON THE MONEY: Prepare for the coming financial tsunami | Aiken Standard

Investing in LTCi is fiscally responsible and can allow you to age in place – i.e. in your own home vs. Medicaid-pai…

Tips for Choosing Care for an Aging or Ailing Family Member

Assessing needs and gauging the costs of hired help for a loved one getting up in age, in failing health or both.

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Managing the cost of long term care is a mounting challenge facing society. Like financial literacy, it should be taught in schools.

MetLife Study  Finds Lost Income from Major Accidents and Critical Illness Averaged $26,900 and $50,600 Respectively

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 ‏@GoodThriftBCorp   12:21 PM – 30 Sep 13   Access to Affordable Heath Care and Credit on Rock Newman Show. Watch begining at 7:40 …

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‏@GoodThriftBCorp 11:33 AM  – 22 Aug 13  Details  October Surprise in the Affordable Care Act – many employers found to be unprepared 

‏@GoodThriftBCorp 3:58 PM – 9 Aug 13 · Details  53 Days and counting down for employers to notify and educate employees about the new Health Insurance Marketplace and Exchanges

‏@GoodThriftBCorp  7:51 PM – 6 Aug 13 · Details  Health Care Reform: Deadline, Action Required

 ‏@GoodThriftBCorp  6:16 PM – 6 Aug 13 · Details  White House launches Health Care Wizard …

@GoodThriftBCorp   6:58 PM – 28 Jul 13 · Details  October 1st deadline for employers to notify employees about Health Insurance Exchanges is approaching rapidly!